AndroidLock Update

AndroidLock has been updated to version 1.4. This update includes touch ups on the slider to improve its appearance. Another improvement to the lock screen is the appearance of notification details. The update provides a more refined and optimized way to view the notifications, offering the ability to show more notifications on the lock screen at once. Check out the App thread here.

With this update I released a new skin for the AndroidLock. The new skin is designed after the popular GTX theme available for the HD2, and several other devices. This theme is released to thank you all for you support for AndroidLock. Check out the Skin thread here.

The Future of the Application

It is my hope to eventually create a release of the app that is ready for the Windows Market. Your support and comments have helped me come closer to this reality. Though the release on the market will most likely not be freeware, I hope that you look for it and support it there on the marketplace.

About zephnath

I am a full time student working part time. I am currently going to school for computer science, as computers are what I truly love to work with. Balancing school, work, and family, in my spare time I like to use the skills I already have and create things with them. On this blog you will find a lot of my work, Photography and programming. For now I am working mostly with the Windows Mobile OS, and helping the masses make it a better Operating system in design and functionality. Enjoy! View all posts by zephnath

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