Boy, how time has past


     Well, it sure has been a while since I updated anything on the blog. Hopefully that wont be to much of an issue with summer brake coming. So what has happened during this tie of silence? Well here is the summary.

     With the release of Windows Phone 7, development for Windows Mobile 6.5 by me has been slowed, if not stopped. A whole new market has opened up, one that is inviting and shows promise for Windows users everywhere. I must say at first I was skeptical about the release, but upon booting it up for the first time on my HD2, I just couldn’t go back. Sorry Windows Mobile fans, but Winod0ws Phone 7 was just to much to pass up.

    I stated before that I was going to post some tutorials on Photoshop. I still plan on doing this. Photoshop is widely used by the developments community, and if used properly can increase productivity and appearance greatly. My plan is to start simple, by introducing the Fundamentals of Photoshop, and then move on to the more complex stuff.

   In other news, AndroidLock is still a very popular and strong application. Recently it was accepted by to receive the Famous Software Award. Though not extremely prestigious, it was nice to be recognized by a company who reviews and rates applications. I am still very amazed with how well this tiny application has done, and I must say that it is difficult to give up on Windows Mobile 6.5, especially with how AndroidLock has performed. For possible the last official progress report on AndroidLock, as of today the number of downloads of the application hit over 27,000. Thanks to all who made that possible.

    With that, I plan to move into development for Windows Phone 7 and Android. For now I am getting familiar with the tools and applications that I will be using to build those application, and no official plans for an app have been made. When there are plans for applications, you will be the first to know.

    Until then, keep a look out for the Photoshop tutorials.

About zephnath

I am a full time student working part time. I am currently going to school for computer science, as computers are what I truly love to work with. Balancing school, work, and family, in my spare time I like to use the skills I already have and create things with them. On this blog you will find a lot of my work, Photography and programming. For now I am working mostly with the Windows Mobile OS, and helping the masses make it a better Operating system in design and functionality. Enjoy! View all posts by zephnath

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