Installing Windows 7 and WinTPC… Continued



Step 3: Select Language, Time and Currency, and Input Method

WPTC Initial


Step 4: Read and Accept the License agreement        

WPTC Liscence


Step 5: Delete existing partitions                                                       see note below

a. Select the partition and then select Drive options (advanced)


b. Click on Delete


c. Repeat process for any partitions that contain the same disk number as the drive you desire to install Windows on until you get one partition for that drive number that states Unallocated Space.


d. Select the desired drive with the unallocated space and press next

note: For stability reasons I suggest always formatting the hard drive before installing windows. This of course will delete all data on the selected drive. If you do not wish to perform a format, and instead perform an upgrade installation, in some cases you can, but this guide will not direct you how to do so.

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I am a full time student working part time. I am currently going to school for computer science, as computers are what I truly love to work with. Balancing school, work, and family, in my spare time I like to use the skills I already have and create things with them. On this blog you will find a lot of my work, Photography and programming. For now I am working mostly with the Windows Mobile OS, and helping the masses make it a better Operating system in design and functionality. Enjoy! View all posts by zephnath

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