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Hi, I am Jordan Drake, and I am the person behind Drake Arts and, for those who have seen me, Zephnath from, and

To contact you may leave a post or email me at

I am currently a student, living with my wife in Salt Lake City, and working part time to pay the bills. In school I am studying computer science, as that has always been what I love to do.

When I was twelve I built my first computer, with no help from anybody else. (With the exception of dad to provide the parts I needed.) The computer was nothing special, just your standard Windows 98 desktop. In High School I developed a firm passion for design and illustration. Many of my classes were focused on computer design, and taught me well how to utilize the tools of Photoshop and Illustrator.

At the age of 21 I took my first job in the computer industry working for Dell. This is where much of my technical ability comes from. I worked as an A+ Certified Computer Technician fixing computer problems over the phone. I may have grown tired of the phone, but my love for computers has gone on.

Now that I am focusing on my education and not working full time, that gives me time to expand my skills. That is how I started to develop for Windows Mobile. It all started with theming for the T-Mobile Shadow, my first smartphone. My themes for the Shadow were well used and known. My second smartphone was the LG-Incite. With that device I used my skills for theming, and combined them with rom building. Though it took me a while to get the hang of ROM cooking, I released my ROM to the crowed. My ROM is one of the fastest and most stable Windows mobile 6.5 ROMs made, complete with customizations and optimizations only seen in that rom.

Soon I got the itch for a more powerful device, and that is how I came across the HD2. Up till recently, I have stayed somewhat in the back seat of development for the HD2. But now that I see what people are looking for, and what I can do to help, I have decided to once again continue my work.

Along with development for Windows Mobile, you will find work from my other interests and hobbies. Photography, design, and music will all be a part of this blog. Please enjoy!


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